Question: How do I trigger a photo on a Raspberry Pi camera using a button?

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warren asked on December 15, 2017 17:07
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Using the #raspberry-pi as a camera (#pi-camera) is cheap, lightweight, and easy to connect to projects like #infragram, the #lego-spectrometer, #timelapse, and others. But is there an easy way to connect a button and just use it as a point and shoot camera? I think there must be, using the "GPIO pins" -- any quick and easy guides to do this?

We could integrate this into the preflashed firmware being developed for the #basic-microscope project!

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1 Answers

Here’s a basic guide to adding a tactile button to the GPIO pins:

For a neater package, i’d be tempted to try something like this:

I’m going to be tinkering with coding something like this myself so will report back.

warren about 2 months ago

Awesome!!! We're going to start distributing these with buttons and low-profile batteries soon at so including a button would really be awesome. If there's some way we could install that standard on the flashed SD cards we're including, that'll make life easier for folks just wanting to get out there and start taking photos quick :-)

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