Question: How cheaply can I get all the parts of the basic microscope kit?

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warren asked on December 08, 2017 22:07
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For the new Basic Microscope Kit, what's the cheapest price one can get all the parts for?

Starting to collect things here!

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asnow 3 months ago

For @stevie @partsandcrafts Which parts listed in the spreadsheet Jeff linked are essential to a prototyping kit? 16GB SD card - would a smaller size work? Immersion oil necessary? Which lens kit to start with, 40x lens or 100x lens? Phone light holder, USB light: non-essential?

stevie 3 months ago

Hi! I think the kit would only need one of those lights, I'm not sure what the rest of the kit would need from that list. perhaps some of them (immersion oil, higher X lenses and the calibration slide) could be an up-sell

stevie 3 months ago

Here's what I think the parts list would look like with links to what we're testing out:

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