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Question:What are some sources of new aerial imagery of Harvey damages?

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warren asked on September 12, 2017 16:41
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Folks organizing on this page are looking to comb through aerial photography of Harvey damages. What are the best sources?

That page (https://publiclab.org/wiki/harvey) is also a good source for imagery, especially the notes from the Open Calls that are posted there -- although it may take some digging through to compile them. Any help appreciated!

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warren 2 months ago

Also note places to cross reference to look for industrial sites, also via Scott Eustis - @eustatic - of Gulf Restoration Network:

Justin, i did see it, but did get an error lately on your map Harvey Ecological hazards https://goo.gl/maps/roFtd9S3pgP2

Landfills are importnt to track, especially < a month from now, when nasty new landfills will spring up. we've got to be in communication with Lone Star Sierra Club about that, since i don't know how TCEQ will announce the new landfills.

We at GRN made a similar map for our internal planning, but also for public consumption: https://gulfwetlandsmap.carto.com/viz/06bb2c4a-89d2-11e7-8a08-0ee462b5436c/public_map We pulled our data from Climate Central's report on EPA data.

Sierra Club has a good map of facilities in TX as well: http://www.sierraclub.org/environmental-justice/hurricane-harvey-toxic-sites

for pollution reports, Skytruth has an NRC tracker: http://alerts.skytruth.org/

Zengirl2 2 months ago

Hey, the info from GRN here--that is what Scott meant by 6 ft.--not distance from coastline. :)

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3 Answers

Via @nedhorning -

Here are a couple links. I haven't checked these out but they are potentially useful.



Other historic aerial photos are at USGS: https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/

It's worth noting Tomnod: https://www.tomnod.com/ since they're trying to leverage the crowd for flood damage assessment

Zengirl2 2 months ago

Interesting that Tomnod is showing a little over 1,000 volunteers, where Zooniverse has over 3,000. I had never heard of Tomnod, so thanks for sharing this.

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Scott from GRN ( @eustatic ) has also been uploading images to GRN's Flickr account:

Beaumont, 95 images, geocoded: https://www.flickr.com/photos/healthygulf/albums/72157686333870693


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