Question: "Test images" for multispectral image processing

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warren asked on June 21, 2017 20:48
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Hi, all - talking with some collaborators, I'm interested in collecting a set of test images to validate different software for infrared/visible analysis, such as with the #infragram project, the Photo Monitoring Plugin, and various other approaches, like Photoshop or Gimp-based methods:

Basically, what are some good "before and after" images that could show an image before and after NDVI compositing?

With these, we can "run" NDVI using any of the above software, and compare what the program makes to the expected "after" image to confirm that it works. These would also make for really good examples of what NDVI and other composites actually do!

This is particularly useful for @ccpandhare's project image-sequencer -- his summer project, which will perform NDVI among other things:


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Hey @ccpandhare - just a heads up on this!

Thanks for that @warren!

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1 Answers

Hi Jeff - I think I might be able to help with this but I'm not sure what you are looking for. NDVI is simply an algorithm applied to two bands so you could create a test program that looks as a specific pixel in two bands and see if the output pixel has the correct value. The output NDVI value will be accurate as long as the input bands are calibrated. If the input bands are not calibrated you have to wing it (a subjective process not really related to the software package) and could test the output only if you have some reference features in the image with known reflectance. I have a feeling I'm missing the gist of your question.

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