Question: What are different methods of measuring water turbidity?

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warren asked on January 09, 2018 17:02
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We've compiled some at and (thanks to @donblair!), but what have we missed, either DIY methods or lab methods or commercial products?



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2 Answers

I've noticed there are a couple different methods for monitoring turbidity:

  • Secchi disks: where users putting a disk into a body of water and measuring the distance in the water until the disk is no longer visible.
  • Turbidity tubes: which require a sample of water to be viewed by the naked eye through the tube, and
  • Turbidity meters: which requires a sample of water put into a meter that measures the amount of scattered light that sample produces (when with a light is shown through a sample at 90 degrees).

I'm wondering, under what conditions would I choose between these different methods? Posted that question here.

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