Question: JDEPC-OV05 camera intelligent exposure

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tim_spec asked on February 26, 2017 17:58
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What I want to do or know Are the color correction and auto exposure features of the camera that comes with kit 3.0 (JDEPC-OV05) disabled? If so, how?

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2 Answers

The Kits initiative hasn't disabled anything; the webcams are as shipped from the factory. There is some sparse guidance on this here, but if you know more about it, please share what you can!

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Dear every one, Does any one has the firmeware of this camera, or at least where i can have it? All the best Amayas

warren 7 months ago

Do you mean drivers, or the actual firmware?

warren 7 months ago

I'm curious about the answer to this as well, as I wasn't aware they had firmware you could change! What are you hoping to do to them? Thanks!

amayas 7 months ago

Many thanks Warren for the prompt answer. In fact, I would like to set the exposure time. A friend of mine may help me in doing this, but asked me the firmware of the camera.

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