Question: How do I get the files for the 3D fan duct?

the_butler asked on June 23, 2018 13:14
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I am working on a similar air quality monitoring project at the University of Bath in the UK. Please can you send me a copy of the files for the 3D fan duct? I was going to make one by hand, but we have access to a 3D printer so this would be really useful.


Hi @the_butler, welcome to Public Lab! I see you've tagged the MACA Open Air Quality Monitor project. Your question is now appearing on their methods page: . I see that there are links to some of their repositories on that page, but if the files you are looking for aren't there, perhaps @nanocastro can help you.

Hi @bronwen. I initially asked a 'question', but then realised the commenting function was easier to use so did that instead. @nanocastro kindly provided the files already! Thanks for your help.

Great! Glad it worked out. We'd love to see how your project comes together, it looks like a really interesting build!

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