Question: can i use a spectrometer to sense food wastes and use an arduino to make it light a led accordingly?

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by tasneim3mon3em | August 10, 2020 22:00 | #24301

Hey, i was wondering if i can use a spectrometer to detect/sense organic matters, specifically food wastes and leftovers and use an arduino to simply light a led when senses them?


Sounds like a neat project! For the first part of your question, are there specific compounds in food waste that you're interested in detecting?

If you haven't seen it yet, this post and its comments might provide some ideas: Refractometer for measuring nutrient density in food. The external link in the post leads to a page that no longer exists, but I believe this link has the same information.

And this post contains some spectra from food: Several new spectra from food samples

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