Question: Helium Cylinder (15 Litre) Mobius Action Camera Balloon mapping Kit How long will my cylinder last?

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by suman | August 18, 2017 12:43 | #14766

Whats the capacity/volume of the balloon and how long can i use it to monitor the farm if i use it once a week? I need the tentative time where i need to refill the cylinder as i want to provide these services to remote farm area?

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Hi, it depends on how big your balloon is and what it's made of. If you use a rubber balloon, it'll deflate over a day or two. If you use mylar, like in the Mini Balloon Kit, you can keep it inflated for a few weeks, so I think that may be a good answer for you. Have you considered using kites, too?

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I apologize for my late response. I went through mini balloon mapping kit. Lets consider the 36 inch mylar balloons, approx many would a 15 L helium tank lasts if i fill it once a week for taking images? I haven't considered using kite so far.

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Hi, nice question we can't say exactly how long it will last it depends upon the size and material of the balloon. you can refill the cylinder or buy a new one in the balloon stations for more details follow this link Balloonee

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