Question: GoPro Hero HD first version- Making full spectrum( Removing IR filter)

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by suman | January 16, 2017 09:43 | #13853

Greetings wonderful people,

I have first version of gopro Hero 1 HD ( without screen version). I want to take out the IR filter from the camera to make it work in full spectrum. I disassembled the gopro (see picture below) and found that the lens is fixed. The only option is cutting the lens using dremel tool. But i am confused on where to cut?

Can anyone having previous experience help me on how to do so. The purpose of my work is to monitor crop health by attaching the modified gopro in the DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

I look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks a lot

Suman Ghimire Researcher SIIT, Thammasat University Thailand



Via @wildintellect on the plots-infrared discussion list:

Replace the lens, there are several aftermarket GoPro lens made for IR. Last time I researched this (Hero 2) the IR filter was not a removable component it was a coating.

Hope that helps!

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Dear Warren,


This is the first version of GoPro Hero HD without screen not Hero 2 (although it looks quite similar). Yeah the lens is fixed (no any way to open the lens) . In order, to open it the only option i have is to cut the lens with a dremel. But i am confused on which part to cut in the lens . I have attached the picture of the lens so you can see how it looks like and could potentially give me an idea.

Thank you so much for your reply. I highly appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Suman DSC_0497.JPG

Can you show a picture of the front and back as well? I think i see a screw, but not sure...

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Found this on the DIYdrones forum :

But still i find this confusing....Not properly explained "Get an older GoPro. I have modified 3 HD versions and they only require the removal of 7 screws to get at the lens without modifying the front case, however, I recommend carefully cutting the front case around the lens (I used a dremel, but the plastic is so soft a nail file should also work) then simply twist it off. The lens on the older models are sealed with wax, not glue, so much easier to deal with. Also, the IR blocking filter is screwed into place on the rear of the lens so is also easy to remove. Cutting the front lens trim off the front cover will serve well in refocusing the camera, as you will not need to take it apart time and time again to get it back into focus. What I did with mine, once properly calibrated was to use a little hot-glue and seat a filter mount around the lens. I do not think I would do the same on a 3+ but on a $50 HD it was worth the gamble. I've modded 3 this way and they all work great (well, sold 2, but will keep my eyes open for others on eBay)."

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Hmm, very hard to follow without images, huh? I wonder if there are any YouTube tutorials?

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There's no information about making GoPro first version to full spectrum in the internet...i have done a lot of research in the web and found nothing...

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Hi, just wondering about my question on the screw in the photo below -- is that to unscrew the lens assembly itself?

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