Question: How do we keep the pressure and momentum high after a recent court ruling win?

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by stevie | December 04, 2019 15:27 | #21663

In November, 2019 the Orangetown Justice Court found API Industries, Inc. (Aluf Plastics) guilty of violating Orangetown Town Code with respect to odor emissions on five separate occasions in November and December 2018, yet in the days immediately following this conviction, the odors have intensified. The recognition of five odor occasions is a drop in the bucket. Since 2016, CA4O estimates that there have been over 1400 odor complaints from members of the community.

@CA4O is interested in hearing strategies for keeping people engaged on this issue. They are concerned that since there's been a ruling, people will move on from the issue, but the fight isn't over, and it's important to keep pressure and momentum on this issue.

Read more about the Orangetown Aluf issue here. Follow our work on our project page here.


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Sarah Martik from the Center for Coalfield Justice recommended: "holding some town halls to talk about what happened and what that means, and then have community members talk about what they want to see happen next. I'm sure there's a lot of accountability that has to happen here, so that would be my first instinct."

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