Question: What are sources for existing environmental data?

stevie asked on December 01, 2017 21:32
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I recently listened to a workshop by EPA on the ECHO database (Enforcement and Compliance History Online). This made me wonder about other existing sources of environmental data.

  • What are sources of existing environmental data?
  • How do you know where to look for what?
  • How do they compare: Are there some that are more accessible, accurate, or easy to use than others?
  • What are the gaps in available data?


there's government sources, like parks and recreations, forestry services, national park stuff that's free to the public.

There's also local universities that may do research but isn't easily accessible/ you have to pay for it.

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1 Answers

@eustatic was just messaging me about the USGS water alert system:

it looks great!

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