Question: Is there an offline version of Mapknitter?

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by stevie | September 20, 2017 15:07 | #14917

I'm hosting a workshop at a place that's known to have unstable internet, and want to know if there's a version of mapknitter we can use offline if we do run into internet problems at the event.



Hi! A common question and I wish there were a better answer:

Short answer: yes, it is possible to run offline, but it's not easy. You'd have to install it yourself from the documentation at

But there is the just-one-image-at-a-time Leaflet.DistortableImage mini-project we built (it's the core interface of MapKnitter) which you can use offline much more easily, but it's not as powerful; no persistent data, for example.

The biggest issue is really that without an internet connection there's no map to stitch against, does that make sense? You need the base map for reference.

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