Question: Are there any databases available for information on caves?

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by stevie | August 01, 2018 20:46 | #16824

Our friends at Crawford County Stewardship Project have been running an awesome project collecting data on sinkholes with community members, and working to get it shared on an interactive map. They are interested in including information about caves, but have struggled to find databases with this type of information. Anyone have ideas or resources to share?


I'm not sure if this is the kind of information that would be helpful, but the DEC in New York State keeps a database of holes and wells ( , which isn't precisely a cave database, but does point to the kinds of things can contribute to sinkholes.

It looks like there's also a sinkhole reporting form for Wisconsin here (these folks seem interested in karst and groundwater):, and a downloadable list of caves in Wisconsin from a 1980 survey here: It's not a map or a database, but locating coordinates for the caves listed might be a good start.

It also looks like the Wisconsin Speleological Society might be a knowledgeable local resource? It doesn't seem like their website ( has what you're looking for, but I would imagine some of the people involved may be able to provide some helpful information.

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