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Question:What are some options for low cost methane monitoring?

stevie asked on July 12, 2017 14:45
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What I want to do or know

I've been chatting with a few people in Colorado who are really interested in methane monitoring near pipelines, and other oil and gas operations. I just found this post on Public Lab from @Bob about one methane sensor and I was wondering a bit more about it, and other options people have explored for methane monitoring.

Here are some other notes I found about methane, but I'd like to learn more about how the different methods compare, what type of data they produce, how expensive the methods, are and how complicated they are to use and produce data?

I know that's a lot of asks, but if you have anything, put it below! If we get some resource or information here, perhaps we can start a wiki page on methane monitoring!

air-quality methane



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1 Answers

good information

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