Question: How much helium do you need to fill a balloon in the regular balloon mapping kits?

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by stevie | May 07, 2019 19:47 | #19269

Counting for the weight of the balloon, the reel, and a regular point and shoot canon camera, how much helium should I use to fill my balloon?


It depends on the weight of what you are trying to lift. At sea level, based on the ideal gas law, the amount you can lift is 1.02 g of pay load for every liter of helium. For hydrogen, the theoretical amount is 1.10 g of payload for every liter of hydrogen.

As you get above sea level, the amount drops. And you would want to lift less than the theoretical amount, just to get the ball in to ride at a decent rate.

A word of warning. Much of the helium you can buy these days is not pure helium. Instead, it is a mixture of air and helium. If you are using it for party balloons, this is fine. For your applications, calculating lift is much more difficult. And helium is getting more difficult to find. And expensive. Hydrogen has safety issues,but...

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