Question: Could local mining affect local radon levels?

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by stevie | May 03, 2019 13:46 | #19229

Or alternatively, what are things that could cause a change in a house's radon levels?


Yes. Mining affects Radon levels.Miners in uranium, tin, silver, coal, and other types of underground mines increase radon exposure. Good ventilation can effectively reduce the incidence of lung cancer in miners. The added risk is unclear regarding medical exposure, which can exceed that from radon.

Also in homes, Radon particles combine with Air, Groundwater, and soil. sometimes due to cracks, floors and walls Radon might enter in which increases Radon levels

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One would think that the answer would be yes, mining can increase radiation levels. Research as confirmed that to be true. Specifically uranium mines increase the exposure to radioactive radon gas. The same is true for other underground mining activities including coal and gold.

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