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by stefannibrasil | March 23, 2018 22:46 | #16015

Hello, everyone!

I was thinking about start working on something related to the API, but as @warren pointed, it would be great if we could articulate the work since we all want to work on the same feature.

There are some things that we can work:

What do you think? Any ideas on how we work together here? Do you wanna add another improvement? I was thinking about writing unit tests for the typeahead_service.rb, if anyone else wants to collaborate, let's talk!

@milaaraujo @Raounak @rishabh07 @sukhbir


Hi @stefannibrasil, As finally we have to work on features related to APIs, collaboration of some kind would be great. I think the task of documentation of token based write-api is also not completed yet, so one can also work on that.

yes, that would be great, @sukhbir ! Let's articulate on Github, what's your username there?

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Hey @stefannibrasil, just saw this. I think this would be great idea specially adding tests for implemented end-points. I'd love to collaborate in this in any form.

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Hi @rishabh07, welcome! Yes, sure, go ahead =)

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