Question: Do you or your community have a set of images in need of analysis?

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by sspatharioti | October 31, 2017 00:34 | #15130

We are developing a free and open source website for communities to collectively analyze images called Cartoscope. So far it's been used for looking at algal blooms and damage from disasters. If you have an image set you think it might be useful to have a crowd help analyze, we can set up a project and work on them as an activity. So bring your images on a flash drive or share a dropbox link for us to work on setting things up. This will also help us get feedback for our tool.


Hi @sspatharipoti do you have a link for this you can share yet? Also, what were some of your take aways from Barnraising on this topic? (

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Hi @stevie we are currently testing out the new home page for Cartoscope where all current and future projects will be available and will make a post about it once it is ready.

We had an interesting discussion about Cartoscope as well as the GRN's work after Harvey during Barnraising 2017 about things to look into for improving the platform and we are currently working to implement some of these. We are focusing on getting the NOAA imagery analyzed through Cartoscope and will be posting more about this soon.

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