Question: Has anyone experienced difficulty to log in this site? I having the trouble since yesterday. Not just log in, but to save spectrum too (sometimes can log in but take a long loading). sorry for my bad english.

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silvi_ap51 asked on May 22, 2018 14:47
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I used portable spectro based web camera


Hi, silvi_ap51 - sorry you're having trouble -- we had some server slowness that may have caused this. @icarito has been working on it. Can you try again today and tell us how it went?

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It's slow again today - 2 minutes and the "capture" page is yet to appear, all the other sites in Chrome refresh fine.

ohh, I see, and 2 days ago i can work with it without any problem and use other browser (opera, not chrome). but since yesterday it happened again :( now i can't work :(

I am also having difficulty to load the main page, capture spectrum and also to save the data. It takes too long to log in as well. I am having this problem since last week. I hope you can sort it out sooner.

Hi, I'm the sysadmin for Publiclab and I'm looking thru the issue which is affecting our database. I will update you as soon as I have a definitive solution. For the time being the service is restored. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, in fact the database was failing so I'm re-creating it and moving it into a new container. Currently the site is down, expecting to be back in the following couple of hours. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Hi, I've reloaded the database data into a new container. I'll keep an eye on it and have enabled logging for slow queries. It may be that the database has grown a lot and we need to optimize it.

Hi, thanks a lot for your concern, i hope we can work with this site as soon as possible :)

Thanks icarito! xx

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