Question: MapKnitter map of Garbage Hot spots

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by silentsairam | May 09, 2019 04:44 | #19279

Mapping all Garbage (open Dump) areas near my area. Address the issue by resolving (installing dustbins, Clean up drives and informing local govt. to take action with Community)

How to delete the images? I keep deleting images. But every time I refresh the images comes back.


@stevie @warren @stefannibrasil How to delete the images which I do not want to place in the map? 2019-05-11_23_47_45-MapKnitter__Garbage_Hot_spots.png

Started using features of Annotate and trying to add One color Markers in all Locations so far I mapped. NDVI is a great feature and I clicked it to test. Good tool. Will be sharing my Research note on this soon.

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