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Question:Error on calibrating uploaded spectrum

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sarahcm asked on October 24, 2016 19:21
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When I try upload and calibrate a photo, I get an error message. I am then able to search for my photo which seems to have loaded in spite of the error message, but when I try to calibrate, the calibration won't load and I just perpetually get the spinning wheel of death (the loading symbol). thank you for any advice. Sarah

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warren about 1 year ago

Hi, Sara - can you post the photo you're trying up upload here? You can click here to edit your question and drag the image into the text area to attach it. Sorry you're having trouble!

sarahcm about 1 year ago

ok, I posted the photo. The photo is uploaded, just won't calibrate. I greatly appreciate any suggestions!

sarahcm about 1 year ago

Thank you so much for all your work on this site. A couple girls have been working on a Science Fair project and are stuck on this piece.

warren about 1 year ago

I do see an error when I try -- checking out on the server now... thanks for your patience!

warren about 1 year ago

Oh sorry, I didn't see that -- will check the calibration now.

warren about 1 year ago

Also, would you mind renaming this question "calibration error" or something similarly descriptive? I could also do it for you, if you like (I'm an admin). Thanks again for reporting this issue!

sarahcm about 1 year ago

Of course, please feel free to change it; I can't seem to figure out how.

Also, one last question; in addition to the percentage of intensity, is there a unit for the intensity? Again, many thanks for such a user-friendly program.

warren about 1 year ago

The intensity is not an absolute measure - just a proportion of the dynamic range of the camera sensor. There are a few approaches to correcting for the gain compensation of a webcam, though: #gain-correction -- these should then be able to measure absolute light, though still not measured in lumens, per se -- there are other factors like distance and others that'd have to be considered. This might make a good independent question and I'm sure there are others in the community who'd be better able to answer the question!

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1 Answers

You know what, I believe this was because there's a "(" in the title.

Yes -- I was able to upload and calibrate a version which I'd renamed without "(" or "_" characters -- just "20161024_131831.jpg" --

Hope that helps! I believe we have a bug report for that issue but I'll check.

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