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Question:Error on calibrating uploaded spectrum

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sarahcm asked on October 24, 2016 19:21
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When I try upload and calibrate a photo, I get an error message. I am then able to search for my photo which seems to have loaded in spite of the error message, but when I try to calibrate, the calibration won't load and I just perpetually get the spinning wheel of death (the loading symbol). thank you for any advice. Sarah

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1 Answers

You know what, I believe this was because there's a "(" in the title.

Yes -- I was able to upload and calibrate a version which I'd renamed without "(" or "_" characters -- just "20161024_131831.jpg" -- https://spectralworkbench.org/spectrums/89557

Hope that helps! I believe we have a bug report for that issue but I'll check.

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