Question: What should be appropriate marker for each environmental layer ?

sagarpreet asked on June 06, 2018 11:23
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As part of Google Summer of Code program , i have been working on Leaflet Environmental Layers Library .

I have written this note explaining each layer here :

I would appreciate the help of Public Lab community to give suggestions for the type of marker that i should use for each environmental layer . especially for layers : * SkyTruth ,
* OdorReport , * ToxicRelease

The marker should be such that they somehow relates to the information they show ?

Thank you !


@xose @zengirl2 @sarasage - i wonder if you all have some opinions about this? @sagarpreet is working to make a combined map of different environmental data sources.

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1 Answers

Wooow!! I'll take a look and shoot. By the way, I"'ve just found this

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