Question: How big is the filter in the infragram DIY filter pack?

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by robotfarms | October 15, 2017 02:30 | #15051

Just wondering how big the filter is in the DIY infragram filter kit? Is it a big sheet, and you cut your own like in the first picture, or is it just a small piece big enough for one camera?

I am looking to install one in an openMV camera for a machine vision weed detection/spray system. Ultimately I will be converting quite a few, so the filter size will determine how many packs I buy.




Creo que del tamaño de un smartphone de 5 pulgadas, está buena esa máquina envía noticias de eso estoy interesado mucho en el control de hierbas. Por cierto vienen 2 filtros azul y rojo. Saludos

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Thanks, I just ordered a pack.

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I think they're 4 inches, not 5 -- sorry for the slow response!

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