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by rajsan1108 | September 19, 2015 13:30 | #12231

sir I am researcher in Punjab agricultural university Ludhiana, Punjab (India ). I have bought your camera for NDVI calculation of the corn field for my project work. 1) I used infragram for image analysis but after uploading image of IR camera and select NDVI for point and shoot camera option on red filter then I select HSV mode.then I obtain red and yellowish image but after that how will I know the NDVI value. please guide me and tell me full process so that I am able to find NDVI. 2) secondly I want to know the about that how I can take image automatically after ever 2 second interval of time without pressing the shutter key since we are installing IR camera on drone take images at high altitude and take images. 3) third thing I want to know about camera viewing angle on both the axis, so that I can fly my drone according to the field of view. I have 1.4 acres of field & 36 plots of size 16*10 metres & I want to calculate NDVI of each plot... please send me all details as early as possible so i can able to find NDVI of the field and complete my project work.... waiting for your reply...


Hi I dont know all the anwers to your questions but, the last one I see you have trouble shooting your camera from the distance like all of us. I have been working on that and there are three ways. 1) you can easily make and gopro camera see NDVI. connects by Wi FI.

2) you can mount a WiFi equipped digital camera and shoot with your tablet. But in this case you hace to take out the IR filter from the camera you buy, and I am not sure how far the cooection works. I know that 10 meters works but you may need more. The go pro works like 200 meters. Note all the cameras have WiFi.

3)You can DIY a remote controler (from radio control cars or planes) and make it to control your camera, and shoot it.

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