Question: Sample aerial (balloon or kite) images from Mobius Action Camera?

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pfhs asked on June 28, 2018 19:29
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I am preparing for a camp in two weeks and looking for sample aerial images from a Mobius Action Camera for the campers to practice their Mapknitter skills (e.g. for first day, before first launch). Anyone know where I could find some images from a previous flight? As I write this, I am also wondering whether Mapknitter provides access to the original images on its site? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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1 Answers

Very cool! I think you could find some at #mobius, or potentially just look through some old MapKnitter maps -- the Images tab should let you download full res versions of images... or if it doesn't, we can fix that!

Have you seen the fisheye distortion removal tool at #lens-distortion as well?

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