Question: Is the project still active?

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peachriot asked on February 20, 2015 18:36
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Hi all,

I’m a Brooklyn-based artist, designer and researcher currently pursuing my masters at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (

I recently came across Public Lab’s project Home Testing for Endrocrine Disruptors ( and I was very excited to see an interdisciplinary group of people inspired by and working on this issue. Is the project still active?

I would love to be involved in some way. Also: I’m currently working on a wearable design project around testing water for estrogen and other endrocrine disruptors and would love to get feedback from the group. (The project is for a class taught by Marina Zurkow on the Anthropocene).

Please let me know! Would love to connect with everyone.



I don't believe this project is still active, but @sara would know.

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Great project. The project fruit will benefit many women who frequently suffer from endocrine disruptor. Wish you a success. BTW, BOC Sciences( is a biochemical company, we'd love to help if there is something we can do.

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