Question: How to save and return to a map, and uploaded images in Mapknitter

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pataxte asked on August 14, 2019 00:05
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I started making a map, including uploading about 15 images. Computer shut down. Now returning to Mapknitter there's no trace of the map when I log in. How can a map be saved? Can it be saved under the user who created it? Where is it? Thx!


Hi, hope you had a great time in Ballon or kite mapping before uploading the captured images on Mapknitter.

  1. I guess you did the following steps post clicking on "Create a map" button on Mapknitter page. a) Location (Lat, long) of the map area b) Name of the map Then click on Create Map button below the map.

  2. Then upload the images one after the other. Place on the map respectively. Steps 1 and 2 would have been executed by you.

Now, If you remember the map/ user name, type the same on the search bar, you should be able to find it. Here is your map link, (just type your user name and found)

Click on your profile, look into Mapknitter Maps, it will show the maps created by yourself.

@pataxte, mapmaps.png Mapknitter maps from Profile

pataxte.png Search maps from search bar on Mapknitter site

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Hi, if you were logged in when you made the map, it will appear on your profile like this:

Is your map there? Thanks!

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