Question: What are the best ways for communities to engage with content posted to our Wild Rice project?

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by noah_ben_furman | June 07, 2022 21:08 | #31038

I'm Noah, the Documentation fellow for the currently unnamed Minnesota Wild Rice Protection Team. We're just getting started, and I have been thinking about the best ways to interact with the communities affected by the proposed Huber OSB Factory and the Talon-Rio Tinto Mine. I want to make sure that the content we have on our page is relevant and helpful for communities to help learn more about these projects and the effects they may have. Does anyone have any advice about the best ways for to do this on our upcoming project page?


Hello Noah, I'm tagging the documentation fellows from the other fellowship teams in hopes they can give you some insight, also you can check out their project pages as well at Game Over Formosa Plastics and The Mountains and Mines Monitoring Project

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