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by nnole | December 18, 2016 08:37 | #13792

How do I choose which camera to get the spectrum from?


Hi @nnole! Can you specify a little bit more your question? There are different answers depending, first of all, on the spectrometer you are using so, wich spectrometer are you using or you want to use? You can try the foldable spectrometer with almost every camera. I've tried to use it with my phone cameras with awesome results and recently I've put it in the front of a 35mm Elmarit lens hooked to a D700 nikon. Great results. Using reflex cameras you will depend a lot on the focusing distance of the lens you use.

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Hi sorry I was not specific. I built a small spectrophotometer that is connected to a small USB camera. My laptop has a camera as well so I don't know how to switch it from my laptop camera to the USB camera. I watched one of the videos where it mentioned that but I couldn't see where to click exactly. Thanks in advance!

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Hi nnole! If you are using the spectralworkbench when you are prompt to authorize the use of the camera (using chrome at least) you should be able to choose between the cameras connected via usb and the laptop's camera. So go to htp://, click on capture image, and chrome will ask you to authorize the use of the camera. In the dialog box you can choose between your two cameras ;)

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