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Question:How can I delete a User Account?

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by niklasjordan | March 25, 2019 08:42 | #18841

I accidentally created a second user account by registering via Twitter. How can I delete an account?


:-/ unfortunately it's not a feature we have right now, but we are interested in figuring out how to do it without causing trouble in the database. We may need to think about assigning non-existent content to a "deleted user account" perhaps... or, somehow having a "deleted user state" which we assign a user record after scrubbing relevant details from its database record... 

Another thing we could try is "Merge users" -- would that help here?

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I accidentally created a second user account by registering via Twitter. How can I delete an account?

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or even just have a status 'suspended' so we don't alter the records permanently maybe

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Hej @warren, thanks for your help. For now, there is no content on my second account. It is a completely empty account, so in my opinion, you can simply delete this user and it should have no effect to other things in the database. But if it easier for you, you can also merge these profiles.

My real profile: https://publiclab.org/profile/niklasjordan The profile to delete: https://publiclab.org/profile/niklas_jordan

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