Question: Can I get a file of numbers instead of a graph from the foldable spectrometer software?

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by mountevans | January 30, 2018 01:40 | #15637

The software for the foldable spectrometer (the version I have, anyway) will produce a plot of intensity v. wavelength but not the numbers used to create that plot. Is there any way to get the numbers?


Don't know if it will work with the foldable spectrometer or your software. But here is some work done not long ago on the same topic. You can find it in the spectrometer section.


Looked liked he had a good start. Please let us know what you find out.

Good luck

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Yes, there is an exports section below and to the left of the graph with a few download options -- this is for, right?

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I am using that website. I have tried both before and after clicking the "offline" option. During acquisition there are buttons labeled "Save" and "Download." "Download" just produces a png image of the spectrum on the screen. I can save that picture, but that's not what I want. The other button, "Save", prompts for a title and then takes me to a webpage with the aforementioned graph. I see no option labeled export or download on that page. I don't even know where the data is being saved. Probably in some *&^%$#@! cloud.

Hi, @mountevans -- when you go to the graph page after Save, there is a row of buttons for downloading the raw data:


For example on this page:

Also, I know you're frustrated but please be aware of our code of conduct. We try hard to be a friendly and respectful community.

Hope that helps!

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