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Question: 40x portable microscope with the pi cam V2.0

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mjcamerino92 asked on October 18, 2019 16:20
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I am interested in designing a 40x portable microscope with the pi cam V2.0. I was wondering what kind of micron per pixel, and working distance you are achieving. Do you have any parts list for this configuration and sample images (H and E staining showing cellularity would be great) you have taken with your system?


Michael, Take a look at this comparison study of different microscopes: https://publiclab.org/notes/MaggPi/08-19-2019/microscope-calibration-with-image-sequencer

-To achieve full resolution with the picamera you need to adjust camera format settings, this will result in > 5Mb file size.

-Did not measure working distance but it was very very close, almost on top of the objective.
- High magnifications adjustments are also difficult.

Wow that was incredibly helpful! The 5 mb file size is not an issue. It looks like with the 40x objective and the Pi Cam V2.1 you were able to achieve ~0.07 um/ pixel which is well above my needs! Also, the smaller the working distance the better.

Thanks for your swift response!

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