Question: comparison betweeen spectra made by manufacturer and spectralbench?

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miramon asked on February 12, 2018 10:05
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Can anyone show a comparison betweeen manufacturers spectra and one made in Spectralab with DIY spectrometer? I donĀ“t find any LED spectrum here that seems to be right on SpectralBench!



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1 Answers

The spectrum won't match. White LEDs don't produce constant light over the whole visible spectrum, unless you get expensive ones. There is typically a rather dramatic dip around 500-550 nm.

Manufacturers of commercial instruments usually have tungsten-halogen lamps which have more constant radiation over the visible range and all kinds of fancy software. But you pay for it.

Switching the the DIY spectrometer to a tungsten halogen lamp will help, but the software is still behind.

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