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Question:Question: deep UV

by mebaumga | May 25, 2015 22:40 | #11836

Anyone know if there is a webcam available of seeing deep into the UV (like 200ish nm)?



Hi, this isn't quite your question but I just ordered a UVC light source that I'm curious to try to use to generate fluorescence in lead-containing products. It's a cheap toothbrush sterilizer:




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@warren, thanks! I've also been checking out this website: http://www.ultravioletphotography.com/content/index.php/topic/1313-filter-transmission-charts/

Please keep me updated on what wavelengths you're able to excite/detect!

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I got a UV-C lightsource recently too- pretty cheap and more powerful than a toothbrush sterilizer, its an EEPROM eraser. lots on ebay for $15-20

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