Question: What is the magnification on the Basic Microscope kit?

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by maxliboiron | July 18, 2019 19:01 | #20182

What is the magnification on this kit? Does it have multiple magnifications, or just the one?


Hi Max-

The microscopes have just one magnification--the lenses are fixed. Most of the upgrade webcams show a field about 1-1.5mm across, while the basic lenses tend to have slightly higher magnification, but less resolution. It does tend to vary slightly from batch to batch.

We discovered this by accident, but by not inverting the lens, it's possible to do some nice macro photography. I'll take a look with a calibration slide to see where we're at.

We've also assembled a few rigs to work with smartphone or tablet cameras-- these actually can focus, and do a pretty nice job. The amount of focus/zoom depends a bit on the camera and if you're shooting photos or vide.

We can update with some more info about specifics!

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