Question: Question: the camera look only white and dont have´s teh camera bad?

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masolaric asked on October 16, 2014 20:31
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I I dont know why dont work the camera? and why I dont can see the spectrum of the light?


I buy a Desktop Spectrometry Kit. I follow the assembly instrucction , but when I conect to the PC the small HD webcam ever show me a white color.

I test the camera alone and dont show me a clear focused image..... ¿the camera will be bad?


Hi, can you upload a photo of the inside of your setup? And a spectrum or a link to a spectrum? Then we can help you more easily!

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Dear Warren,

I upload some picture of teh setup and also the spectrum...

The light is not refracted... ¿What do you think about the problem?

thank!!!! la_foto.JPG



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I'm not sure what's going on! The camera looks OK -- does it work normally when it's pointed out of the case? I wonder if you're using too much light, and it's somehow refracting on the edge of the DVD. Could you point it at a well-lit white piece of paper?

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