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Question:Question infragram kit

marfisistemidroni asked on November 03, 2016 23:38
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Hi! I bought the kit infragram I wanted to mount on the camera of a drone DJI Phantom 3 (it's practically a gopro HERO3), I wanted to know if I can remove the IR filter in front of CCD and insert the infragram filter in front of the optics, as a classic ND1 filter. So you can switch between red lens and blue lens. Or they are forced to add in front of the CCD. Also, if you could, that formula can be used for processing with the NDVI Agisoft PhotoScan. Thank you

Mario Vitti

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1 Answers

I have recently bought Mobius Action Camera - Factory Modified Infrared from Public Lab store.....i have a DJI phantom 3 professional version..i have somewhat attached the camera to the drone through some straps (no gimbal attachment). When i fly the drone in the field i saw there are some distortions in the image....i suppose the camera is stable but how can i correct those distortions? I customized the action camera to take timelapse every 1 sec to take continuous photo of banana farm. My mission is to stich those multiple image using Agisoft and compute the NDVI...I tried to stich but the quality of stich is poor due to the distortion.Please suggest how can i minimize such image distortion.

Thanks in advance

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