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leanr asked on April 15, 2016 17:17
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Hi all,

I got a clandon metascop and I would love to connect it to a ccd camera in order of using it, provide so good spectral. I am mainly interested in gold, silver, copper, zinc, alloys. May you suggest to me what kind of camera may I buy? I guess a cooled monocrome. Suggestions are wecolme.



That looks like a real find.



I suspect some experimentation will be required to get photos of the spectra. The spectral image is probably not very bright.


Be careful with the breaking arc generator.


Images from here:


Thanks Chris, the images are from the metascop manual. The camera on the images is an analogic one from the '70ies, I would love to know if and how may I connect a digital camera and what kind of camera may be better to get results.


Whoa, what does a metascop do?

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it gives you the spectrum of the examined metal or alloy

Does it burn or otherwise affect the surface it's pointed at? Cool.

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yes, by and electric arc, so it vaporize the metals.

I just got a CCD 1/3" and an optic megapixel f8 mm 1:1,4 and a grabster AV300, I just need to connect it to the metascop, and find the software...

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