Question: How durable is kombucha leather?

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by lait422 | April 23, 2018 21:32 | #16201

I conducted a stretch test and a crumple test on a piece of kombucha leather before and after it was coated with the beeswax and coconut oil mixture.

image description Stretch Test

The kombucha leather ripped easily without the coating. With the coating, the kombucha leather had a gummy texture to it. It stretched more than I expected and you could see where the kombucha leather pulls. It's similar to stretching a gummy candy sheet.image descriptionimage descriptionimage description Crumple Test

The kombucha leather without the coating crumbled very easily. It was similar to crumbling a dry leaf. The kombucha leather with the coating mushed together and didn't crinkle like paper. Instead it mushed together.

Overall, the coating provided a barrier that did it's job of providing more durability than it's original form without the coating, but it's not enough to protect it in the long-term.


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