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Question:Is Lego Spectrometer Kit able to detect Glucose?

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by kokoz | November 14, 2018 19:04 | #17554

I'm trying to figure out how to detect Glucose using spectrophotometry in urine. There are some papers that describe very accurate readings using near-infrared spectrophotometry but as far as I understand it's measured between the 1300-2500nm wavelengths. I wonder if it's somehow achievable using the kit, perhaps with a different camera?


Here are some papers I've read:


I don't know about glucose, but this post notes how to detect sugar (sucrose, i guess?) in wine: https://publiclab.org/notes/ygzstc/07-23-2014/detection-of-added-sugar-in-red-wine-using-visual-light-spectroscopy

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I think the sucrose is in different wavelenghts? in human body sucrose is broken down in to glucose..

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Both glucose and sucrose solutions are colourless so visible light is not going to work. A homemade spectrometer will not go very far into the UV , but will go up to about 950 nm in the IR - I'm not sure if either glucose or sucrose will absorb there. The more obvious way to detect sugars is by optical rotation using a polarimeter. I think it should be faily easy to make a polarimeter though its accuracy may be limited.

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Another good way to quantitate sugars is with a refractometer. They are pretty cheap and often used in wineries.

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