Question: Want to Share Your Perspective on Sustainability and the Future of Coal?

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by kassidy219s | May 16, 2022 23:46 | #30759

I'm Kassidy Slaughter, and I'm a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations.

Being my hometown is Damascus VA, I'm very interested in coal workers' historical involvement in fighting for collective action and preserving the integrity of rural communities. Through my research, I'm hoping to interview those working in these areas for a project; my interview subjects may include rural sustainability advocates, unionized coal miners, and anyone else with similar experiences from the rural South. I intend to use these interviews to highlight workers' perspectives on "sustainable technology" and the future of labor.

Let me know if this would be of any interest to anyone working with the MMMP, or if you have folks you recommend contacting. I would be happy to chat further about the topic and answer any questions.


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