Question: What are ways to identify pockets of heat/air pollution in a neighborhood?

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by julia_e_masters | October 07, 2021 18:45 | #27835

Curious about different ways to use community science/monitoring to track and identify local air quality?


There are existing datasets like this Urban heat island severity map that pinpoint heat islands, and a semi-public dataset by Aclima + Google showing block-by-block air quality in regions of CA. Sensor networks like PurpleAir also provide more local air quality metrics than official EPA regulatory sensors, though these sensor networks tend to have less rigorous data quality standards and measure fewer types of pollutants (e.g. PurpleAir only measures PM).

I'm working on a protocol to use lichen as a way to understand local air quality because it can be a low-cost method to obtain many sample points in a local region!

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