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Question:Desktop Spectrometry Kit to arduino?

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jjoll asked on June 28, 2017 13:23
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What I want to do or know

hi, has anyone tried to connect Desktop Spectrometer to arduino? is there any online documentation on how to do that? and how to feed data to the arduino for further data processing and analyzing? I want to scan different objects and compare the spectral patterns using arduino. thanks

Background story

question:spectrometry question:dssk


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2 Answers

The Public Lab spectrometers rely on cameras to make images of diffraction patterns. So the raw data is a photograph or video frame. Processing the image is done online (Spectral Workbench) or on a PC. An Arduino can control a camera and instruct it to take a photo or save a frame of video. The image would typically be saved to an SD card or sent to a browser or PC.

So the processing and analysis of the spectral image is not done by the spectrometer, and could probably not be done by an Arduino. But an Arduino and TTL camera could replace the camera in a Public Lab spectrometer.


There have been some efforts to use linear CCDs with arduinos, which is very cool and bypasses a lot of the mysterious image processing cameras do:

Also there have been several builds around a raspberry pi camera, which is a great camera with low noise and is pretty affordable too:

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