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Question:We are having trouble with our map knitting

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by jerejack0507 | May 04, 2021 18:05 | #26490

Hello, my name is Jeremiah. My group is experiencing a problem with our map knitting. The site isn't allowing us to submit our map. Every time we try and submit it, we get a screen saying we are experiencing problems. I was wondering can someone help us, thank you.


Hello Jeremiah, thank you for reporting the issue to us. Sorry you are having problems. We are investigating the issue and will try to implement a solution or suggest a workaround. In the meantime I've opened a new issue detailing the errors in the log so that we can work openly figuring out what it is about: https://github.com/publiclab/mapknitter/issues/1517 Thanks for your understanding and collaboration in helping us improve Mapknitter!

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Hi Jeremiah - thank you, are you able to share a screenshot of the map page just before submitting? And/or the info you entered in the map creation form? Thank you!

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Just an update -- i was able to reproduce this when trying to save a map with no name. Are you sure you added a name when saving? Thank you!

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