Question: Which RGB channel is the near-infrared saved in for the red and blue filter?

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by jenhu | April 03, 2018 16:26 | #16061

In a typical color image, that is taken from a Canon point and shoot camera, has three color channels (RGB). They are called RGB because they are the Red, Green, and Blue channels. When the IR blocking filter is replaced with either the red or blue IR passing filter, provided by Infragram, what happens to these channels? What is specifically stored in the R, G, or B channel? What acronym should I call the blue and the red filter (i.e. NGB, RGN, etc).



The blue filters used block red light, so the red channel records a lot of NIR, so NGB. The red filters used block blue light, so the blue channel records mostly NIR, so RGN.

But many of the filters used also block green light, so NNB or RNN.


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