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Question:NDVI image issues from GoPro 3+ Silver

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by jeffa_plain | November 22, 2021 19:19 | #28222

NDVI with Blue Filter
image description
image description
NDVI with Red Filter

Hello, I'm very new to NDVI stuff and I've recently created an infragram camera from a Gopro 3 using the public lab guide and color filters. Everything seems to work as intended (except for photos being a little over-exposed) however when I feed the images into infragram.org, the NDVI spectrum is inverted, (plants are blue while non-photosynthetic material is green through red). When I try and use the opposing preset on these images, the result is just a solid color. is there a way I can get the -1 to 0 and the 0 to 1 color map to be flipped on infragram.org?

Thank you


Hmm, interesting, can you share your original images? I think we might just be able to do (1-R) instead of (R) or something, for some of the values.

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