Question: why is this website so freaking slow?

iragersh asked on October 31, 2018 01:42
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Just asking this question takes ages. I created a few pages and they took ages. I watched that spinning wheel so long I forgot what I was doing.


Hi, @iragersh - we are modifying our backup scripts which have caused some slowness overnight this week, and your post happened during that period.

Just a note to please keep your posts friendly on this site - we have a lot of people working hard to help make things run smoothly, and it's important to maintain a respectful and positive tone to ensure everyone's work is valued. We deeply appreciate your help in this, and are sorry you were frustrated!

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1 Answers

Hi @iragersh - Sorry you've experienced some difficulties with the site, we have been experiencing some lags while we've been running a few updates, and posts from new users are held briefly so that they can be approved by moderators. You are free to post without moderator approval now, though there may be intermittent slow periods while we make some site changes/updates.

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