Question: I'm looking for advice using a gopro hero 2 with 32gb memory card for aerial kite photography.

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by iragersh | January 08, 2019 03:56 | #18074

I've seen a youtube video on using a picavet mount. I'd like to do this extremely cheaply. I'm turned off by balloons because of the helium. This would be done at HarborLab on the Newtown Creek initially. I'm concerned because the area is very narrow. I don't want the camera landing in the water I have the camera, the kite, tools, hardware and wood and could make a mount pretty easily. I don't want to photograph from much more than 60 feet. If I shot at an angle it might not need to be higher than 30 feet. I would set the camera on repetitive stills. I have several mounts for the goPro but don't have the simple through the hole mount.


There are a lot of designs up at #picavet - maybe one of them would be a helpful starting point?

Also there are a LOT of designs up here:

I've had a lot of success with this one!

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Just a word of caution: kites can be harder to maneuver if you're in an area with a lot of buildings and trees-- they typically require more space to launch, and maneuvering a kite so that it flies over a particular site can depend a bit on your ability to position yourself in relation to the wind-- you may find that your kite is more stable at a higher altitude, but this can be hard to acheive if you don't have access to some open space (this is one of the reasons folks tend to favor balloons in closer quarters/lower altitudes). That said-- it's not impossible! You might want to do some test flights without a camera in your location to get a feel for things. If you do end up considering balloons/helium, I think that American Compressed Gasses in Maspbeth is your closest bet.

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