Question: Effective low-cost water filters to remove hydrogen sulfide?

gretchengehrke asked on October 19, 2017 18:42
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Does anyone know of low-cost water filters that are effective for removing dissolved hydrogen sulfide? My inclination is to use biochar or granular activated carbon plus a coffee filter as a near-universal sorbent, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a material that is more effective at specifically sorbing H2S. I want to steer clear of oxidants due to resulting acidification of the water, especially since this is for people's drinking water in a community with aging water infrastructure. Please answer below if you know of good water filters for hydrogen sulfide!


I wonder if @shanlter knows about absorbing #h2s #hydrogen-sulfide -- and also I saw @jsummers had a system for eliminating h2s from a test setup -- Jack, do you have a link to that post you did? Thanks!

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1 Answers

Ah cool, i found it!

When you are done with the experiment, simply unlink the two hoses and put the output from the pump into a bottle of bleach. This pumps the contents of the bucket through the bleach, killing off the hydrogen sulfide.

Does it have to be bubbled up gradually, @jsummers? I didn't know bleach would remediate h2s...

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